Honda Gold Wing history

Goldwing GL1000

1975 GoldWing GL1000

The first Goldwing was a lot more than just a motorcycle. It is powered by the revolutionary 999 cubic liquid-cooled four-cylinder engine. Maybe not so much a motorcycle to someone buying the hobby segment experts Goldwing opened opportunities that were not previously never even think of. What all could use a motorcycle, which is an open-class engine, top of the world the power and off road capabilities? Goldwing owners went out into the highways and gave rise to the whole motorcycle industry paradigm shift: shift towards mobile-driving.

1976 GoldWing GL1000

The next model year brought launch GL1000 Limited Edition, which honored the Honda entire set of specialized equipment:

gold-colored stripes, special LTD panniers, chrome-plated radiator grille adorned with the seat stitching and golden rings and surfaces.

1977 GoldWing GL1000

1978 GoldWing GL1000

1979 GoldWing GL1000

Goldwing over 80 per cent was exported to North America. Therefore, was seen as necessary to build a production plant in the United States. Although Honda has built up its manufacturing abroad for more than 25 years, the transition to America in the 70's meant taking risks. For most customers, Honda's quality was the best selling point, and production America could jeopardize the hard-earned reputation - and not only the Goldwing, but for all Honda products in the reputation for decades to come.

GoldWing GL1100

1980 GoldWing GL1100

After five years of uninterrupted consumer feedback was presented on the basis of GL 1100. The new Wing was not a re-warmed, ten per cent of altered GL 1100. This included well-considered changes, which invested in the Goldwing out of the superbike series, the wheels firmly rooted in the mobile category. New 1085 cube engine offered better torque than horsepower. The longer wheelbase offering more space for driver and passenger, and a new air-acting suspension did Goldwing softer and more comfortable to drive than from any other bike in the meantime.

1981 GoldWing GL1100

GL 1100 also introduced another invention which could reasonably be regarded as more important than the mechanics of the changes made. Goldwing traveling at speed was inspired to create a huge supply of the mounting accessories the aftermarket. Honda's design engineers thought in mind a whole new trend towards a fully pre-equipped luxury motorcycle. That vision became a reality in 1980 on an innovative model of State.

1982 GoldWing GL1100

Soon after this, Honda will present a luxurious travel bike concept: the Aspencade model. Was in abundance in basic amenities: LCD instrumentation, stereo, talk radio, air compressor, and thought-finishing käytännöliset such as storage bags for the passenger backrest. Advertising emphasized Honda's technological lead.

1983 GoldWing GL1100

GoldWing GL1200

1984 GoldWing GL1200

Goldwing GL1200 brought the four-cylinder engine performance and refinement to the limit. 1182, cubic engine increased power and torque in its class king did Goldwing 1984. No one else is able to provide a similar softness and a combination of low speed acceleration. Hydraulic valve adjustment made Wing virtually maintenance-free. And chassis improvements were big Wing feel amazingly obedient ones. Convenience on the road was great.

1985 GoldWIng GL1200

Honda launched the Wing's 10th anniversary in two important ways. First, because the Goldwing was so firmly established itself as the wheels travel class, Honda decided to withdraw the improper base model GL 1200 to. Second, the market became a top-luxury Limited Edition, which was perfect, a computer-controlled fuel supply, four-point sound system, cruise control, self-adjusting rear suspension, large-scale computer and a metallic gold color special paint.

1986 GoldWIng GL1200

Penetration of high-quality luxurious Aspencade SE-i, which was perfect, a computer-controlled fuel supply, four-point sound system, cruise control, self-adjusting rear suspension, large-scale computer. Made in 1986, only a small number of U.S. exports. The bike is product year paid nearly twice as much as the "regular" Aspencade. Wing's high price had to manufacture a low level.

1987 GoldWIng GL1200

GoldWing GL1500

1988 GoldWing GL1500

In 1984, the beginning of a new design team to design a new Wing. The new machine should be superior in all respects: extremely quiet and silky smooth, yet extremely powerful and the most manageable. GL1500 achieved this, but not easy.Thousands of hours were consumed by testing 15 different machines in 60 different prototype stage. The whole history of Honda did not feel like this one comprehensive model development project. All this effort resulted in a luxurious six-cylinder motorcycle, the unprecedented superiority should rule the mobile wheel model for over a decade.

1989 GoldWing GL1500

1990 GoldWing GL1500

1991 GoldWing GL1500

1992 GoldWing GL1500

1993 GoldWing GL1500

The new GL-generation led to the drafting Masanori Aoki, a sport bike enthusiast who had been forgotten by the high-powered wheels, such as the CBR250RR, CBR400RR and CBR600F3 development. "Our goal is to keep 80 per cent of mobile Goldwing bike features," Aoki said. But he added: "My role is to increase the funniest things, to build a Goldwing with a such acceleration and handling, which is usually associated with sport bikes." After considering the straight fours, sixes and direct eight-cylinder engine options, and up to 2,000 cubic meters cubic, consumer feedback was overwhelmingly straight sixes and 1800 the volume of view. In 1998, a full-scale model was created. 

1994 GoldWing GL1500

1995 GoldWing GL1500

Goldwing 20th anniversary was a milestone, an event which celebrated the Honda looking forward to a memorable three-model and a hardcover, a detailed history Goldwing publication of the book.

1996 GoldWing GL1500

Marysville assembly line will be completed in millionths of America Honda motorcycle. And quite appropriately, it is a Goldwing millionth model: a model other in this way is quite appropriate, as well as the Goldwing Honda's success in America are tightly interwoven connections.

1997 GoldWing GL1500

1998 GoldWing GL1500

1999 GoldWing GL1500

2000 GoldWing GL1500

In January 2000, Marsyvillen motorcycle factory was revised thoroughly to prepare a new Goldwing. As part of this process, the engine was moved to the new Anna Marysville Goldwing production to serve. Goldwing a new era officially began when the first GL1800 was completed Marsyvillen assembly line 10.10.2000.

GoldWing GL1800

2001 GoldWing GL1800

The word "new" does not do justice to the GL1800-model. Already two numbers says a lot about the value of 118 horsepower and 125 lb / ft of torque. Useless to try to find other comparable bikes, they are not. Valid in terms of the new Goldwing is literally the only one of its kind. Similarly, the list of similar engine technology using the rounding begins with and ends with the word GoldWing. And that's all before the GL1800 was completed, Honda's patented no less than 20 technological invention that using this amazing, high-performance, luxury motorcycle.

2002 GoldWing GL1800

2003 GoldWing GL1800

2004 GoldWing GL1800

2005 GoldWing GL1800

2006 GoldWing GL1800

2007 GoldWing GL1800

2008 GoldWing GL1800

2009 GoldWing GL1800

2010 GoldWing GL1800

2011 GoldWing GL1800

2012 GoldWing GL1800

GoldWing F6B Bagger

2013 GoldWing F6B Bagger