The club was founded on 12 March 1982 and has been working actively engaged.

The club was registered on September 11, 1993. The club aims to promote and maintain a Honda Goldwing motorcycle riders driving hobby, motorcyclists to gather a common hobby and work together GWCF and other European clubs.


Meetings and meeting runs


The members have permanent appointments in the spring, summer and fall.

International meetings are highly prized, and the number of foreign participants is rising all the time.

The club is suitable for smaller meetings throughout the year. The club also has a magazine, which is published three times a year. In Finland we have 812 members, of which a large part of the Finnish Goldwing owners. The average age is about 59 years. Europe as a whole, there are about 19 000 members, 22 the country. Umbrella organization is GWEF (Gold Wing European Federation).


We offer our members


  • educational activities
  • training and exercise activities
  • youth activities
  • information about motorcycling tourism
  • of other European clubs activities, such as meeting times
  • Information and Public Relations
  • awareness and education activities 



Honorary Chairman and a member of the Board of Directors a proposal to the club meeting, to invite the person / persons who have very significantly contributed to the Club's activities. Honorary Membership is for life.

Can be distinguished from a member of the club, which is: -fails to pay membership fees, the club operates illegally or in breach of laws and acts contrary to the purposes of the club.

Joining and membership magnitudes decided at the annual meeting of the club.

The club's financial year begins on 1 January and ends on 31 December. Accounts have been terminated by the Board and submitted to the auditors for review no later than 28 February and the auditors' opinion, they should be returned to the Board of Directors no later than the following April 1.

With its own operating rules, in accordance with existing regulations of the Associations Act.